Hindi Tv Serial Pehchaan

Pehchaan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment
Pehchaan is a reality Television show in which a girl was went to a new city of Mumbai where everyone was new for her and she is stranger for everyone. She was born in a Small village of Rajasthan. She came here in search for a job. One day she got a job in a company as a secretory. She was Happy with her job as all her cliques were their friends now. She was living on a small rent house there. Her name was Tanvi. One day she fall in love with her boss. After that they got married and working together for their company. Her mother in law doesn’t like Tanvi because their marriage was against their family. In this serial Director wants to tell that how a girl can even has the capabilities to make her personality in a stranger city without any fear of mishappenings.

Main Roles:

Richa Soni is an Indian Telugu Actress. She was born on 8th July 1985 in Muzaffarpur. She played her roles in many Telugu Serial and Movies like Pehchaan, Achal Rahe Suhag, Shararat

Daisy Irani is the most famous Indian Actress of very famous movies and Television serials of 1975. She was born in 1950. She was married to K.K. Shukla on 21st January 1971 but he died in 1981. She was the actress of her golden age 1970-1980. She also payed role in various films like Gomti Ke Kinaare, Geet, Housefull and Many other movies.

Ashish Kaul is an Indian Television actor of Bollywood Cinema and Television shows. He acted in Pehchan as Sameer. He did various other shows like Kkusum, Kaisa Yeh Pyar Hai and many other shows.

This show is directed by Gautam Chaturvedi and Poorva Gokhale. This show is air on TV channel DD National from Monday to Friday. The timing for this show is 2:30pm IST.