Hindi Tv Serial Patang

Patang  Hindi TV SERIALS on DD METRO

Patang belongs to the drama genre. DD Metro broadcasted it for the first time in 2000. Partho Mishra, a famous director, directed the show. The shows the life journey of Indu. Pavan Malhotra and Gautami Kapoor played the lead roles in the show. It used to come in DD Metro 9 Gold’s Golden Hours, which was a joint venture of DD Metro and Nine Gold of Kerry Packer & Vinay Maloo’s HCFL- Nine Broadcasting India. It was a family show. The show had 26 episodes. It was also broadcasted later on Star Plus in the year 2002. The show features the story of ups and downs in the life of a family.

It focuses on Indu, the main character, showing her life and efforts to tackle her own problems and also handle difficulties of her family in day to day life. It had the story of a normal family. The family had members having diverse characters who had their own set of unique problems. The way they handled their problems and stayed together with each other bringing happiness for all formed the basis of the show. Partho Mishra took the show because of the character of Indu. He believes in characters which can make an impact, and Indu was such character. Indu was a woman shattered by marriage.

The character played by Pavan Malhotra was quite similar to real him, according to him. He played a character which talked and had fun with his friends and also flirt a bit. Indu was a sober character. She was hurt due to her failed love marriage to a professor who was 20 years older than her. She was shown as a mature woman, having child hidden inside her. After her failed marriage, she comes back to her home, the environment in which she grew up, but at that time, she could not relate with herself.

When she comes back to her home, and her brother is angry, instead of talking maturely with him, she fights for which she thinks is right. She is a woman with which every normal woman can relate to. The show had brilliant creation, with the superb story line. Pavan and Gautami did a fabulous job in the show. The concept of the show was fresh which became a major plus point. The characters were the ones with which anyone can relate to. The emotions kept the audience connected with the show. Do watch the show; you will love it.