Hindi Tv Serial Parrivaar - Kartavya Ki Pariksha

Parrivaar Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Parrivaar - Kartavya Ki Parksah was a drama serial that aired on Zee TV. The serial premiered on April 9, 2007 and it concluded on December 5, 2008. The show released 118 episodes, with a new episode being released daily. The serial had fresh actors, but it was praised as being realistic and fresh.

The story revolves around Radha (Deepti Devi) who loves her family more than anything. She works day and night for her mother’s welfare. Her brother, who is already married, lives off her and uses her money. Radha also has to provide for the needs of her two younger siblings. She is hard-working and dedicated, and possesses feminine qualities that most men would love to have in their wives. However, she is unmarried, despite being of an age when most women are already in a state of matrimony.

Radha’s family tries to destroy all thoughts of her marriage, since they are leeches feeding off her blodd, and if she marries and goes away, there will be nobody to support them. Radha’s main love interest is Mohit, who is her childhood friend. Mohit is one of her only sources of the love and affection she so greatly craves. Mohit can marry her, but Radha’s mother sets a condition that he must be earning at least 25000 rupees before they can marry.

Another version of the serial...

Parrivar – Kartavya Ki Pariksha is a Hindi soap opera that was broadcasted by Zee TV from mid - 2007 (9th April) till the end of 2008 (5th December). The show became the launching pad of many actors who have gone on to become household names in India. Rajesh Babbar and Yash Chauhan directed the show and it has been written by Damini Shetty and Mitali. The opening credits have been sung by AlkaYagnik of Bollywood fame. The show became immensely popular for its relatable characters and its fresh plotline. It ran for a total of 411 episodes, each episode being approximately 24 minutes in length. The show follows the difficulties faced by the lead character - Radha (played by Deepti Devi), a middle- class girl, whose struggles through education, survival, and employment form the crux of the show.

The poverty of her family and the subsequent death of her father (Played by GunjanWalia) forces Radha to seek employment very early in her life. Even as she reaches a marriageable age, she is unable to do so as she is the only earning member of her family, which would cause their only available support system to disappear. The only she has in the form of her childhood friend Mohit (played by Kapil Soni). The only way they can get married is if Mohit can meet the condition set by Radha’s mother (played by AlkaShlesha) of making more than ₨ 25,000 per month.

Radha is now in a dilemma, will she ever find the person she is destined to marry, will she leave her family to fend for themselves or will she stay support her family irrespective of her wishes and desires? The show boasts an amazing cast including Deepti Devi, Sachin Sharma, Neena Cheema, AlkaShlesha, Kapil Soni, among others, all of whom breathe life into the characters they portray. The cast of the make us believe what we see, and the intricate plot and the never - ending toils of Radha make the viewer sympathize with her. The show is a must watch.