Hindi Tv Serial Pari Hoon Main

Pari Hoon Main Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Pari Hoon Mai is an Indian fantasy television series that revolves around a fairytale-like story. Cinderella was the odd one out in her family. Luckily, a Fairy Godmother shook her enchantment wand and made the impossible come true. After the magic had bestowed upon her, she set out to look for her Prince Charming. But oh! The clock struck midnight, and everything vanished like a phantom. However, Cinderella did meet the man of her dreams with her favorable luck.

Pari Hoon Main is a show on the similar lines of Cinderella, which conveys another Cinderella-like tale. Nikki (played by Rashmi Desai), is a star-crossed young lady who highly appreciates fame. She has an aggressive uncle and aunt who have provided her a home to live in. Her fate is in her full support, and she runs into her Prince, Rajveer Kapoor (played by Mohit Malik), who is a handsome hotshot. Affection blooms in her and her story seems complete as the lovers unite in togetherness. However, the story has an unforeseen twist, as Nikki has an exact carbon copy of herself, named Pari (also played by Rashmi Desai).

Pari is a leading performing artist who is in love with Karan (played by Karan Mehra), a director. One day, Nikki accidently visits the house of the leading actress Pari. Since Nikki looks exactly like Pari, Pari’s family thinks that it is their Pari only. From this particular incidence, Nikki’s life changes. She takes Pari’s identity and lives her life, as the real Pari suffers in a coma. Pari’s superstar lover begins to fall unknowingly in love with Nikki. As Nikki continues to endure her complicated life, Pari’s stolen life brings her past along with it to haunt her. The story runs along the same lines of Cinderella. Karan portrays Nikki’s fairy godmother, as he changes her life. The village beauty’s life is running on a good path till Rajveer strolls into her life. While Pari, the egotistical on-screen artist, as she is notoriously recognized, comes to understand the hardships of life while she smoothes down and loses her heart for Karan.

However, as soon as the clock ticks 12, their lives have to go back to as they were. The comfortable sentimental settings, the intricacies, and delicacies are justified but regardless of notice. Pari Hoon Main is distinctive without needing to run the thousand episode race or using the infamous jump-in-eras after each episode. As a reasonable story, it has stayed consistent with its character by ending up at the scratch of time without any diversions at all.