Hindi Tv Serial Papa By Chance

Papa By Chance Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

Papa By Chance is an Indian series produced by Full House Media Production, and the show was first premiered on 20th August 2018. The show airs on Star Bharat. The leads of the show are Priya Tandon, Sana Sayyada, and Zebby Singh. The producers of the show are Sonali Jaffer, and Amir Raza Gulam Jaffer. The show revolves around rich person Yuvaan who fell for the plot about his dead father, Harman Battra, and by chance kills a couple after his breaks fail.

To repent for his mistakes, and also in greed of Samrat’s property, he takes custody of three children, Gungun, Ullu, Dhoni Chatwal, on the advice of his lawyer, Kashvi. He was fighting for his father’s inheritance, and had no house. He was let down by all around but his servant Bantoo helps to manage a roof. The kids were very troublesome.

Later, he took shelter in his father’s old home with the three kids. The house was not owned by Amrit, Yuvaans’s friend, and she denies him but Yuvaan tells that this house is legally his and she has no choice but to let him, and his kids stay. Meanwhile, Bela, Amrit’s mother is making plans about Amrit, and Yuvaan’s marriage.