Hindi Tv Serial Papa Ban Gaye Hero

Papa Ban Gaye Hero Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Papa Ban Gaye Hero was a comedy serial that aired on Sony TV. The show premiered in 2002. Papa Ban Gaye Hero was broadcast every Monday at 8.30 pm and received high ratings when it opened. The leading roles were played by Vijay Raaz and Mandira Bedi. A noteworthy point is that the late Dara Singh had a cameo in the show and was very much praised for his acting in the cameo. The show received generally positive reviews, and it was even re-aired on SAB TV at a time. The serial was praised by some for the high quality of its humour, while others damned it as boring and contrived.

The series revolved around a simple man, Gopal and his arrogant and bossy wife Komal. The show also involves the children of the couple. In the serial, Gopal becomes famous when he is chosen to model in an advertisement for vests, ‘Tito Banyan’. His posters are plastered all over the place. His wife’s newfound status goes to her head, and she starts bragging about how her husband has become a huge star. Nobody believes her until Gopal lands a big role in a new film, after which everybody becomes anxious to please Gopal and his family members.