Hindi Tv Serial Pandey Aur Pandey

Pandey Aur Pandey Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Pandey Aur Pandey is a Bollywood music countdown show set as a sitcom. The show was aired on Zee TV and it premiered December 2006. Each show ran for approximately 22 minutes. The show is a spin-off of Zee TV’s popular serial Kareena Kareena and also features the same couple that acts in the original. The couple is Tribhuvandas and Nilambaridevi Pandey. The leading role belonged to Sudhir Pandey, who acted as Tribhuvandas Pandey. Atul Srivastave also featured in the show as P.K. Srivastava. The show was created by Nirvana Communications and directed by Habib Faizal. The show received praise for its humour, which was similar to that in Kareena Kareena.

The show mostly counted down the top music in Bollywood at the time, and it explored several themes as it did so. The serial was a novel attempt at combining to popular genres of television, the comedy and the countdown, but it later fizzled out without making much of an impact. The show relied on the popularity of the hosts/ actors to increase the popularity of the serial among the audience. However, the channel did not seem to take the serial seriously since they did not even feature the serial in their list of archived shows on their website.