Hindi Tv Serial Paap-O-Meter


Paap-O-Meter meaning Meter-Of-Sins is a ghost-comedy animated show that broadcasts on Indian television channel Sony Yay. The series is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Bengali across major DTH and Digital Cable Platforms. Three ghosts, Bhoot Boss, Thakela and Pakela, are in charge of reducing misdeed on the Earth planet. However, they have to scare the culprits to do the right thing and to teach them a lesson. The story is about the adventures of Ghost Boss and his assistants, Thakela, and Pakela, who catch people who have done wrong.

Together, they live in the ghost world, high in the sky always keeping an eye on the planet to make sure that the levels of sin are under control. The Paap-O-Meter reports if any human has committed something immoral, and by pressing its button, they can see what the person has done. Apart from the main assistants, Ghost Boss has many other assistants who occasionally play in the show. When Thakela and Pakela are sent on the Earth to make things right, they make the situation worse. That is when Ghost Boss comes into the picture and corrects everything.