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Is ‘Panni Puri’ a title taken from a food item? Certainly not! It is a sketched love story of two interesting characters Vikas Puri and Divya Paani. Hence, the serial was titled as ‘Paani Puri’. Vikas hails from a middle-class family, and his love- interest Divya is a wealthy and more educated girl. Since Divya is rich, Vikas’ family hails their son's decision of getting married to Divya.

On the other hand, since Vikas is poor, Divya’s family do not support it. However, both decide to get married at last! There is a twist to this tale when Divya’s family moves to Vikas’s house for living. This incident happens when Vikas burns down Divya's house accidentally.

Divya’s family do not adjust to the middle- class standard of the family. Despite a difference of opinion of two families, the newly married couple keeps their love intact. The exact comic timing by the whole cast was an inspiration for many viewers. Well, the lead characters were played by Sumeet Raghavan and Smita Bansal.