Hindi Tv Serial Oye Jassie

Oye Jassie Hindi Tv serials on Disney tv

Oye Jassie is an Indian Disney production based on the American sitcom, ‘Jessie’. As the name suggests, Jaspreet “Jassie” Singh (played by Tara Sutaria) is the protagonist of this show. She is brought up in a militaristic environment, because of her military family. She moves to Mumbai in hopes of achieving her dreams but ends up becoming a nanny for the Malhotra family.

She is a girl with a sweet nature, who is gullible yet defensive due to her militaristic training. She is a hard working individual who tries very hard to manage the children, but always ends up failing. She is constantly in relationships, which are constantly ending, leaving her constantly disappointed.

She meets a boy named Lucky when she becomes a nanny and immediately falls for him. However, because of her work, she misses three dates with him, but finally ends up meeting him, and they fall for each other. Mrs. Raheja, who is the building secretary, and Sundari, always torment her, but she becomes strong and begins to ignore them. Her closest friend is Tiya.

Her original character is based on Jessie Prescott, adapted from the American Sitcom. Ayesha Malhotra (played by Ahsaas Channa) is the eldest of the Malhotra family. She is a girl with a high taste in fashion, and is not very abundant in knowledge, but is good with common sense. She loves reading magazines for teenage girls, and she is a typical teenage girl herself.

She takes great care of her family, even though she overtly admits to dislike Rocky. Rocky (played by Mohit Bagri) is her twelve-year-old brother and has a great taste in style as well. However, he is very unhygienic. He has a crush on Jessie, and he proves it while always trying to impress her. Even though he seems like a spoiled brat ruined by his family’s richness, he has a gentle and kind heart. Subramaniam “Subbu” Malhotra (played by Ved Tarde) is the adopted child of the family, but he is the most intelligent of all children.

He loves the Indian culture and always speaks in Hindi. He has a best friend whom he brought from Sri Lanka called ‘Sri Premchand.' Tiya Malhotra (played by Diya Chalwad) is the youngest in the Malhotra family. She is a very clever girl with imaginary friends named ‘Goldie, the mermaid’ and ‘Sunny, the bear’. She has a few friends, but they are ‘weird’. She has a good relationship with Jassie and Tony.

Tony (played by Kenneth Desai) is the butler of the family. He is lazy at his job, and he does not work much. He mostly sleeps and loves watching cooking shows. Even thought he overtly says that he dislikes the children, he helps them often. He is the closest to Tiya, has an okay relationship with the others, but Rocky is very mean to him.