Hindi Tv Serial O Gujariya Badlein Chal Duniya

O Gujariya Badlein Chal Duniya Hindi Tv serials on Channel v

As the name suggests, O Gujariya – Badle Chal Duniya is a show that revolves around the three women: Vaibhavi, Natasha, and Ada, and their journey towards achieving successful careers and dreams. The story is set in Jabalpur, and it aims to portray the strength of women and their potential to change the society. Snehal Pandey plays the character of Vaibhavi, who returns to Jabalpur after 14 years to fight for her father’s pride. She is focused and determined to become an IAS officer to accomplish her father’s wish, and to fight for the injustice committed against him. In the process, she comes across two girls, namely Natasha and Ada, when their car crashes against the auto-rickshaw Vaibhavi is travelling in. Even though Vaibhavi filed a case against them, they eventually end up becoming good friends.

Natasha’s character, which is played by Sanvi Talwar, is an open-minded girl who dreams to fall in love with a perfect guy. She comes across Kabir Scindia, played by Randeep Rai, and falls for him, but they suffer through a complicated relationship. Neha Luthra plays Ada’s character, who is about to get married to Junaid, but is secretly in love with a guy called Samar, who is played by Akash Ahuja. She seems to have a much more complicated relationship than Natasha and struggles with the relationship between the two men.

Sanjay Nath also appears in the show as Professor T.R. Rao, who runs an academy to shape students into becoming IAS officers. At the beginning of the show, Vaibhavi is shown to have a relationship with Shaurya played by Apoorv Singh, but as the story proceeds, Shaurya gets an internship and sets out in its pursuit. Ada is shown to have moved abroad, and the story takes turns in its own ways. His attitude towards training is to bend and break the students till they become ready. Later in the show, the actor for Vaibhavi’s character is switched to Swati Negi, and she finds a new lover named Veer played by Shaleen Malhotra. The show was previously named as ‘O Womaniya’ but was changed to avoid copyright issues. It is inspired from the TV show ‘Left and Right’ wherein the character Vaibhavi is very similar to the protagonist Naina, who is an aggressive, strong-willed and anti-social girl. Even though Vaibhavi lies on the same lines as Naina, she is later portrayed to become a friendly and calm character, which is played by Swati Negi.