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Famous director Gulzar had adapted the story of Munshi Premchand’s novel of same name ‘Nirmala’ for his TV series that was telecast on Doordarshan in October 2004. Gulzar, who is known for his realism, is believed to have travelled a lot in search of a village which could actually showcase the character alive on small screen.

He travelled extensively and finally found one such village in Maharashtra and Gujarat Border. The series was a story of a human relationship. It is a story of an under-16 girl who suddenly becomes a woman after she gets married to a man much older than him.

A famous Marathi actress Amruta Subhash had played Nirmala in the series. Nirmala was one part of the series ‘Tehreer Munshi Premchand Ki‘ by Gulzar. The actress Amruta later picked up a national award for her performance in Marathi cinema, but she had played the role with much conviction in the series ‘Nirmala’. Nirmala was a girl whose first marriage was cancelled as her family could not provide the dowry.

Hence, she got wedded to one named Totaram, who is twenty years older than her. Her husband tries all tactics to woo her, but she only has respect and sense of duty towards him. His first wife had three sons, and the eldest one is just one year older to Nirmala.

Nirmala is friendly with the first son, but she is so innocent that she does not understand that why she likes the first son. Hence, mistrust is sown in the mind of the husband. But bad luck falls on Nirmala. In her family, all the three sons die and even the family loses all wealth. Kutty Krishna was executive producer of the series. The screenplay, dialogue, and direction were by Gulzar. Roop Kumar Rathod sang the title song and Raja C. Kothari handled the cinematography.

Nirmala was in three parts after individual episodes woven around nine stories from Premchand. It was series which was shot on a budget of Rs 3.5 crore then.