Hindi Tv Serial Nazdeekiyan

Nazdeekiyan Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Kuch dooriyan kuch nazdeekiyaan, or Nazdeekiyan for short is a soap that was aired by Sony TV in 2006. It was aired for more than two years, after which the show was cancelled. It followed the serial “Ghar ek Mandir” on the four pm slot. The serial was based on several successful Hollywood soaps mashed together. It was directed by Sandeep Chatterjee and produced by In-house productions, which previously produced mainly reality shows. It revolved around three families the Mathurs, the Parekhs and the Tejanis. The serial was about the lives of these three families. It was branded as ‘totally city-centric’ and focused on the three families and their relationships, their businesses, and generally their affairs.

Unlike other serials, Nazdeekiyan was produced in a more realistic manner, and the directors tried to sell it as a more ‘modern’ serial. The serial did not involve a lot of melodrama, much in contrast to other popular soaps of the time. It was also set using previously unconventional methods; it was shot exclusively on sets specifically designed for the serial to give it a distinctive feel. The directors also claimed to use a multi-camera setup which allowed them to attain technical finesse.

Unfortunately for the serial, it was not able to gain much popularity, even though it got critical acclaim. After nearly two, years, Sony TV decided to operate on it and rejuvenate it, but some time after this, the soap was brought to a conclusion.