Hindi Tv Serial Nazar


It means the evil eye. This is a Hindi Supernatural drama under the thriller genre. The show airs on Star Plus and, is also available for an online watch on Hotstar. This show is the 16th series from the 4 Lions Films. This show is from the production by Karishma Jain and, Gul Khan.

The script is written by Mrinal Jha. The cast includes Niyati Fatnani, Antara Biswas, Ritu Chaudhary, Harsh Rajput, and, Smita Bansal. The plot revolves around an evil witch, Daayan, and, her wicked eye on a family which is now facing troubles.

The show starts showing the story of Mohana, the 200-year-old Daayan who keeps herself young by killing others. Mohana lured Mridul, the Rathod family member, and, married him. Their marriage brought Ansh, and, Kajal, their two kids. Afterward, Mohana’s real face was revealed by Divya, and, she was burnt.

Later, Vedashree adopted Kajal, and, Ansh. Later, Vedashree was worried about Ansh, as she was the son of Daayan’s son. The priest told the remedy to this was a girl, who had a Durga’s birthmark. Piya, a girl was Ansh’s remedy, and, they both were quite compatible. Meanwhile, Mohana had sent her another Daayan friend Ruby to marry Ansh, and, help Mohana come back to the world.