Hindi Tv Serial Natkhat Rani Badi Sayani

Natkhat Rani Badi Sayani Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

‘Natkhat Rani Badi Sayani’ is a child serial that is telecast on Doordarshan (DD1). The show has a bunch of kids who narrates their role as a school or neighborhood kids mostly doing some pranks wherever they could make a formation of their group.

Salim Aarif was the director. The producer and co-director were Archana Kapur. The story and screenplay were by Javarimal Parekh. Rajiv Menon was the cinematographer. Vijay Chopra was in-charge of sound design; Music is composed by Jitendra Singh.

Lyrics and the title song are penned by Ravi Khanna, Sanjay Kapoor, and Javarimal Parekh. Sanjay Kapoor was also a consultant in the making of the serial. Shwetha Mohanty was the child who played the character of Rani. This serial was loved by children and adults alike for its new concept.

The serial came like a breath of fresh air providing a new journey for Rani( the central character) who had a vibrant look and good chemistry with her kid friends. They just blew up the small screen with their screen presence, and the serial was produced in such a way that it provided humor to all age group.