Hindi Tv Serial Naamkarann

Naamkarann Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

Naamkaran is an Indian- Drama television serial that gets telecast on 12th September 2016 on Star Plus. This serial is inspired, by the 1998 Bollywood Film, Zakhm and is based on the life of the Filmmaker, Mahesh Bhatt. The story of the show is directed by Mahesh Bhatt, Lokhnath Pandey, Sandeep Vijay, Jafar Shaikh, and Yusuf Ansari. Avni Ayesha is a child who lives with her mother named Ayesha Haider. Ashish Mehta is a famous film director who is the father of Avni who meets them in secretly as he knows that his mother, Dayawanti Mehta a deeply religious Hindu woman who will never permit the marriage with Ayesha, who is a Muslim. Dayawanti rejects Avni as she doesn't want to build any relation with the ‘illegitimate' family. Ashish is forcefully married to a girl named Neela Parikh, a kind-hearted lady.

Soon, Avni and Neela became friends with each other and Neela helped Avni in her battle for justice by fighting against the rude lady, Dayawanti for Avni’s rights. Later, Ayesha gives birth to her and Ashish’s son, named Aman and soon after, Dayawanti came to know about this and murder Ayesha while taking his son away. She soon, named him as Amol and she also manipulates the thing and blames Avni for Ayesha's death. Ashish sends Avni behind the bars for killing Ayesha. Neela helps her in getting out of the Prison and started living with her. Soon Dayawanti tries to kill Avni and wants to shoot on her head but Neela saves Avni.