Hindi Tv Serial Mumkin

Mumkin Hindi Tv serials

A Serial of 1996 Mumkin is the story which talks about the fact that everything is possible in life and the story shows how a person living next door has hidden identities and lives double lives. The person is so much hidden and engraved that even his closest friends are not aware of his situation. So the story is about how the person lives double lives. But when this fact is revealed, obviously there is lots of drama and confusion in the serial.

In the serial, once it rains very heavily and Rajeev Sinha is found mysteriously dead at the Mukesh Agarwal's party. Mukesh Agarwal is a businessman and young too. He is also fun-loving, extrovert, who handles mostly foreign collaborations with Indian firms. Rajeev Sinha was a simple businessman and looked as if he had no enemies. But one day when he rushes into Police Inspector Vijay Pandey's police station and there he falls down on his desk all dead, the cop got surprised. He could do nothing but take custody of the dead body. Now, he has everyone else who is present as the potential suspect. All the people with a high profile are also trapped in the suspect’s list.

The drama is murder Mystery and a new concept of it’s time to hold the audience.