Hindi Tv Serial Mukti Bandhan

Mukti Bandhan Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

“ Don’t under estimate the power of a common man.” You never should. Mukti Bandhan - This story is about an ordinary man Mr. I.M Virani who is very simple but has great sense of business. His life is not simple. He experiences the challenges & difficulties of a high-class life but deals with it with utmost determination & guts. Mr. Irani is stubborn and arrogant all thanks to the difficulties that he has faced in order to become a ‘special man’ from a ‘common man’. The female protagonist is Devki Virani who is married to the eldest son Vaibhav Virani. She is a talented woman but always keeps her feet on the ground. She is exact opposite to the powerful Mr. Irani.

The story is powered by the conflicts of Devki & Mr Irani and in the end she becomes successful in breaking the fake pride of Mr. Irani. This show shows how a simple, talented and down to earth woman can rule the business charts with her business acumen & grounded nature. She is the hero of this show & she has proved it time & again. Due to high-class concept the show has managed to drag the attention of majority of Indian audience. A man of principals- Mr. Irani at last leaves his stubbornness in the end & accepts her in the end!!