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This mini-series by MTV revolves around real life stories based on cyber crimes and cyber theft fictionally recreated on screen by actors. Cyber abuse or cyber bullying is a growing crime in India due to the rise of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter and Whatsapp. It is defined as a kind of crime that takes place online by revealing personal information or shaming someone through messages, e-mail or morphed photos. Hacking into someone’s account is also a crime. The perpetrators could be anyone from around the world or even someone we know.

Due to the ability to stay anonymous online, cyber crime has increased drastically, and every young girl and boy have at least faced it once. This series focuses on stories that on usually start out with a strong friendship among two people. Jealousy and anger often are the cause for people to take this drastic step. And as mentioned, most of the cyber bullies are someone close to us. As shown on one of the episodes an innocent action such as uploading a photo on a website can take a drastic turn. Soon the photo has been morphed into something objectionable and shared among hundreds of people.

The parents are unable to understand what is troubling their child. The person fails to cope with the constant shaming online as well as in school by the students. His grades start falling, and he cannot concentrate on his studies. The victim’s life turns into hell followed by depression and finally suicide. MTV Webbed brings real life cyber crime stories onscreen to educate the young people about the dangers of the internet. This show is targeted for the youths aged from 15 to 24. MTV produces it with the support of Cyber Crime Awareness Society (CCAS).

It is one of a kind show in India as it aims to show the effects of cyber bullying on its victims and how it can lead to depression, a drop in self-esteem and isolation. As shown in the series adults aren’t familiar with this new concept of cyber abuse, and they may sometimes fail to understand their children. Children as young as 10 are being constantly targeted online by perpetrators leading to a number of sexual crimes. A parent should monitor what the child views online, how much time he spends on it and who he talks to. It is important to be able to talk to the children and learn how to protect them online to prevent cyber abuse.