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MTV Love School Hindi TV SERIALS on M TV

The times when marriages were arranged by the parents in the childhood and some were even married in the childhood has gone. Today even in an arranged marriage, the boy and the girl first ask for some time before their wedding so that they can understand each other and find out whether or not they can spend their lives together. And some go for love marriages where a boy or girl finds his or her match and then inform their families so that they can marry each other. Be it any kind of couple; relationship problems are faced by everybody. Every relationship undergoes certain issue, be it their fights, their trust issues, their long-distance, their communication gap, or the act of showing love to each other is no more alive. These problems kill a relationship. They make two people live together with the feeling of being dead, but neither of them wants to leave that space because love has kept them intact and doesn’t let them leave each other’s company.

We definitely should have something that helps such people. MTV has brought to you one such show called MTV Love School. Telecasted once in a week either on Saturday or Sunday, for an hour, the show brings you couples from all over the world and different communities. These are the couples that are facing some or the other issue in their relationships. Along with these couples, from the last two seasons, the show has also included a group single boys and girls who are looking for love in their lives. This twist not only made the show interesting but also helped the couples to improve their trust factor. Till now, four seasons of the show have been telecasted. Upen Patel and Karishma Tanna hosted the first show. And later all the three seasons have been hosted by Karan Kundra and Anusha Dandekar. The love gurus during the show come up with love exams. Every exam has a theme which brings the couples one step closer in making their relationship perfect.

The themes are based on trust, love, care, priorities, etc. Each aspect of love is designed as a task. After performing every task, the young couple gets to learn one aspect of a true and perfect relationship. Ultimately one couple wins at the end. The one who wins works hard to prove their love and improve their relationship during the show. The way the couples play and at the same time keep their relationship true is carefully observed by our hosts and they teach them what is right and what is wrong at every step. Tushar and Karishma were the winners of the first season. Season two was won by Pasha Doll and Khem Raj Bhardwaj. The title of Season three winners was taken by Lalit Choudhary and Divya Sharma who came in the show as singles and found their love during the show. And Tajinder (Sunny) and Manpreet were the winners of the fourth season who fought strongly for their love and finally proved it. This reality show is an entertainment program, aired on MTV. Stay tuned to learn the different aspects of making your relationships perfect.