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MTV Bring On The Night Hindi TV SERIALS on M TV

Bring on the Night is television series that aired on MTV India on 22 September 2012. Vishwesh Krishnamoorthy wrote, directed and conceptualized the series. The show revolves around Kabir Dalal "KD" and his group of friends: Patrick Graham Fairbottom, Devang Oza and Maakad.

Together with Patrick's ex-girlfriend Sheila Sethi and her friend Piyali Chaudhry, the Mistry brothers - the uptight Xerxes Mistry and the dim-witted Hoshang Mistry - and their best friend Darius Dorabjee, the group converts a deteriorating 200-year-old building into a nightclub. Kabir is a manager at one of Mumbai's best nightclubs.

However, one night, a grave mishap leaves one of them dead and hundreds of people sick. As a consequence, the club is shut down. Later, it is revealed that Maakad had supplied impure water, which led to the accident. The bond between Kabir and Maakad becomes sour and to get rid of the anguish, Kabir shuts himself in his room for weeks.

His isolation ends when he accompanies his friends to a party at an abandoned place owned by the father of the Mistry brothers. KD is stunned by the place and decides to turn it into a hangout party place.

With his friends joining him, he sets for the task. The project is completed and the club, named "The Den," becomes Mumbai's best hangout place. Its increasing popularity catches the attention of infamous gangster/politician Ravi Jhawle. A heated conversation strikes up between Jhawle and KD, which results in the club being shut down and KD gets in jail.

However, with the help of the rich, aristocratic and influential Sir Malcolm Mistry, the father of the Mistry brothers, KD manages to get bail. The show ends with the group getting down Ravi Jhawle's political career, and the party starts once again.