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Hindi Tv Serial Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal

Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Mrs. Pammi Pyarelal is a comedy drama developed by Prashant Bhatt and directed by Aashish Khurana. The show used to get telecasted on Colors Channel and now it is off aired. The show talks about Pammi which is played by Gaurav Gera who comes to Mumbai with a dream in his head to become an actor. The serial is about how he and his childhood friend Rahul are thrown off the house for not paying rent. The serial revolves around how he has become Rahul’s wife to get rented house. Also, both of them fall in love with the girls and the serial revolves around how they succeed to get married to them at the end.

Pammi is featured as a glamorous lady and the Halwais of her area and the trainers of the gym are all lingering around her. She is also said to be health conscious and does workouts regularly. Rahul who is Pammi’s husband wants to become a business tycoon. But unfortunately, he has to undertake a job of selling oil for Sky Marketing Company.

The show, that launched in July 2013, ended in three months because of its poor performance and could not gain the TRP to sustain the competitions with other comedy serials that were in from that time.