Hindi Tv Serial Mrignayani

Mriganayani Hindi Tv serials on Doordarshan



'Mrignayani' is a Hindi TV series directed by actor-cum director- Amol Palekar. It is about a king Mansingh and his love for a tribal girl. Amol Palekar tried to sketch the character that had been in the period of 15th century. Actor Mohan Bhandari played the role of Mansingh and actress Pallavi Joshi played the role of a tribal girl with finesse.

With this series, Pallavi Joshi had made a fabulous television debut. As the story was about a king who was attracted to the beauty of a girl, it was a challenging for Pallavi who was a new face on television to perform the role. Hence, Amol Palekar asked her to use her intelligence and play the character combining her ‘beauty with brain.' Pallavi played the title role with much conviction, and Mohan Bhandari was an intelligent actor to play the role of Rajput king. The two had set the screen on fire with their on-screen chemistry.