Hindi Tv Serial Mr and Mrs Mishra

Mr and Mrs Mishra Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Mr And Mrs Mishra was a crime thriller show that aired on the Indian television Channel Sahara One. This show ran around one year and ended after waning responses from the Viewers in the year 2009. Initially, the “Mr. and Mrs. Mishra” was launched on the prime time slot of the Sahara One channel and was aired weekly but after the telecast of few episodes it was turned to a bi-weekly one owing to the lukewarm responses and mostly poor and mixed reviews from the audiences and critics. The show aired initially every Monday –Friday from 800pm onwards and later 930 am in the morning. The show “Mr and Mrs. Mishra “was launched on September 14, 2009.

The show was based on the western show format of “Criminal Minds” and “CSI Miami”. The casting of “Mr. and Mrs. Mishra” included actor Rahil Azam in the lead role as cop Abhimanyu Mishra. The main theme of the show revolved around a specialized and dedicated cops team who specialized in solving complex and complicated crimes by uncovering and unfolding the truth behind each crime they handled, layer by layer with the help of a mix of latest technology and traditional and classic investigative methodology.

In this particular TV serial, the teams of the dedicated cops were known as “UNIT 9” cops. Mr. and Mrs. Abhimanyu and Geeta Mishra are the main protagonists of the show and they with the help of the other team members solved difficult and murk criminal cases with utmost efficiency and dedication. The other main characters of this show included DCP Rachael Pinto (played by actor Priyamvada Sawant), ACP Urvashi Srivastava (played by Pratichee Mohapatra), ACP Nachiket Paul (played by actor Akshar Kuchroo) and ACP Imran Rizvi (Played by actor Jeet Soni). The show showcased an emotional side also. It also portrayed the love story between the lead couple “Mr. and Mrs. Mishra” and also showed an emotional approach towards the victim’s family members in the cases they work on where the victim’s family members goes through the pain and agony of losing their loved and dear ones yet fighting for justice.