Hindi Tv Serial Mitti Ke Rang

Mitti Ke Rang Hindi tv-serials on DOORDARSHAN

Mitti Ke Rang is a television serial which used to be aired on DD Bharathi. When translated, the title of the show means Colours Of Sand. It is kind of a patriotic serial where Doordarshan focuses on India. In each episode the producers of the show, go to remote places in India which hasn't been populated a lot. The narration is given by a woman who is not shown on the screen. There are no people in the entire episode. It is a documentary about sand, mud, villages, rivers, sea, animals, poor people, and many more.

It is not shot in the metropolitans of the country. The big cities of India are slowly losing their culture. They want the big companies to enter their city and set up their shops over there. They are competing amongst themselves, and the other cities of the world. They want to be put on the global map. The villages whereas, are the places where the people are unscathed by the urban globalization. They still continue to live like the way they used to before and nothing is going to change that.

They are also very traditional. They are involved in the traditional professions like farming and fishing. They are still following their cultural identity. This is what Mitti Ke Rang is about. It is trying to show to the audience the Indian culture. The traditional activities like farming, and how it is being carried out. This makes it a show which will help us to reconnect with ourselves.

Many Hindi poets have written poems about the beauty of mud and sand. Although they look dirty, they always remind us of where we have come from. Nobody should forget their motherland after moving to a new place. There is beauty in mud, and it only takes a set of good eyes to figure that out. They show the cows working through the farm, water flowing from the basins of Uttar Pradesh, the animals running wild in the open lands of Gujarat, and many other things.

Mitti Ke Rang portrays India as a land where values are being respected, and cultures are still being followed. Although it might not be the same throughout India, still, more than half of the population follows them. The mud in the lands of Karnataka are beautiful, and there is a reason why people from everywhere around the world come to see it and capture it on their cameras.