Hindi Tv Serial Meri Toh Lag Gayi Naukri

Meri Toh Lag Gayi Naukri Hindi Tv serials on Utv bindass

UTV Bindass' Meri Toh Lag Gayi Naukri aired almost half a decade ago, in 2011 which is a story of five, fresh-out- of college students, all hired as interns in the big, corporate world of Jhakkaas TV. Rajesh Khera, modeled after the bald look of Raghu Ram, is the bossman, Raghav Shetty. The five interns include an unsophisticated girl from a small town, a sleazy movie buff, a city snob, a traditional know-it-all with an overwhelming knowledge about Kamasutra and lastly, the son of the boss who has been hired only because of his father. The enterprise, with the star cast consisting of eminent people, was produced by Deeya Singh and Tony Singh. They had also produced the youth show Banegi Apni Baat in the 90's.

Meri Toh Lag Gayi Naukri revolves around the office politics, the office drama, work pressure and the necessity to indulge in some mean-seated tricks to get the job done and establish a name for oneself. The show stands for the 20-something youth struggling to get their affairs in order, pull up their jeans and suck up to the meanness of all those around them. The show highlights the great divide between the city dwellers and the small town folks. The dialogues are crass, often heavily loaded with unnecessary sexual innuendos and the F word is unsubtly beeped out for no reason whatsoever.

The show begins with Episode 1 – ‘I know what you did the last night’, but it lacks creativity. The following episodes are ‘Vote Out', ‘Hi Baby', and ‘Salary Day'. Rajesh Khera is the saving grace of the entire show - the bossman Raghav Shetty with his Hitler-like tyrannical approach towards his trainees and everyone around him and how he masterfully hurls stuff at being provoked at the slightest instance and whose repetitive “What the fuck” becomes a nightmare for the interns. Rajesh Khera portrays a much more violent version of Miranda Priestly. The effeminate secretary is stereotyped.