Hindi Tv Serial Meri Saasu Maa

Meri Saasu Maa Hindi TV SERIALS on ZEE TV

Meri Saasu Maa is a famous Family drama daily soap. It was aired on ZEE TV, Monday to Friday 6:30 PM. This show started in November 2015. And the number of episodes is 131. The lead casting includedHiba Nawab, Anindita Saha Kapileshwari, Peral V Puri, and Suman Shashi Kant. The series is produced by Saba Mumtaz and Rahul Kumar Tewary and directed by Prabhat Prabhakar.

This story is of Pari (Hiba Nawab), and her finding journey of the mother in her mother in law. She wants the mother in law like her mother whom she lost in her early age.Priya is self-dependent and friendly nature girl, she is the single child of her father (PrithviShankala) and lost her mother in childhood. Her aunt (Mother’s sister) take care of her since childhood, she brings wedding proposal for Pari.

Unfortunately, on the marriage day, Pari comes to know that her in-laws are doing, and she denies to tie the knot. As soon as she would be in-laws went off, Priya’s aunty create a lot of drama and abuse her. Pari’s father and grandmother worried due to her behavior.Next, Morning Priya didn't open the gate of her bedroom; everyone thought she commits suicide, but Pari went somewhere. Now, there is twist nobody knows about her. The further story moves toward another family. Bhawnadevi (Anindita Saha Kapileshwari) she is head of her family, and entire family uses to address her “MaaSaa”. She is most discipline and known for her fame. She caught her grand-daughter with her boyfriend and punished both of them. She warns everyone for the stay in a limit.

Each member of family afraid by “Maasaa” and want to relief from her because she wants to rule over entire the family. Now the entry comes from the lead character of serial Satyendra Sharma (Pearl V Puri). He is the son of “Maa Saa” and each member used to call him “Sattu” He is not like her mother at all but loves her a lot. He is religious, polite, and down to earth He met to Pari at the temple and saved her life from fire. They both start feeling for each other in the first meeting, and their meetings continue till they propose each other.

Meri Saasu Maa serial is full on family drama in which drama, as well as romance, included. In this serial, there is many twist and turn which attracts audience toward series. The recurring character isDhirajTotlani, Arpita Amar, Rashul Tondon Nina Sharma and much more.