Hindi Tv Serial Meri Durga

Meri Durga Hindi TV SERIALS on STAR PLUS

Meri Durga is a daily soap portraying the concept of a 12 years old girl who aspires to become a runner, starring Ananya Agarwal in the main lead as the character of Radha and Vicky Ahuja in the role of her beloved father, Yashpal. The show is being produced by Ravindra Gupta and Pradeep Kumar under their own banner ‘Paperback Films.’ The show was premiered by one of the leading entertainment channels – Star Plus and comes in the time slot of 6:30 pm (IST), Monday to Saturday.

The story line of the show revolves around the lovely and very sensitive relationship between a father and his daughter. Vicky Ahuja as Yashpal is from a small village belonging to Haryana. He wishes to give his daughter Radha a higher and good education. With pride, Yashpal uses to call her daughter- ‘Durga’ instead of Radha. He works as a peon in a school in Haryana, but despite all the odds, he is stick on educating her daughter. The serial shows the reality of the backdrop of Haryana, being a peon Yashpal tries hard to give Durga a batter future at any cost. He has very forward thinking in the matter of education nevertheless a girl or a boy, unlike his other Orthodox relatives.

On the other hand, Ananya Agarwal as Durga is a very bubbly girl who likes to run after flying kites, to climb on mango trees and to swim in the river. She is enjoying her childhood in the full bloom. But apart from her vivacious nature, she is determined hard to fulfill her father’s dream. She is adamant and hard working regarding study. Her interest is in sports, but she feels about the hard work and the struggle that her father was doing, just for the sake of her. One of the very emotional scenes of the serial is Yashpal lifting Durga on his shoulder so that she could see through the window of coaching class and can get more knowledge. That shows the love and determination of a father for her daughter. In recent episodes, Durga has secured admission in an elite school where on the first day itself she got into a running race with the school’s best runner.

Radha is trying to concentrate on her study but however, she just couldn’t understand the calculations and tends to get confused between numbers and alphabets. Despite all this, she wants to fulfill her father’s dream. With the passing episodes, we would be able to see more emotional sentiments of a father-daughter relationship. Does Durga fulfill Yashpal’s dream or she chooses her interest of running over it?