Hindi Tv Serial Mere Harjai

Mere Harjai Hindi TV SERIALS on Zindagi TV

Mere Harjai,a romantic drama, originally broadcasted on ARY Digital TV, was later telecasted on Zindagi TV at 7:20 pm, from Monday to Saturday. It had 22 episodes in total. Nadeem Siddique directed the show whereas Ghazala Aziz was the writer. The main cast of the show included Hassan Ahmed, Sami Khan asMohid, Mawra HoccaineasMaha, who was a negative character and Sonia Hussain asMaheen. Other cast included Minahil, Anam Malik, Anwar Iqbal, Aurangzeb Leghari, Nargis Rasheed, and Tahira Imam.

Insincerity, selfishness, and jealousy are three loathsome feelings which one doesn’t expect from their loved-ones, especially when it comes to family and siblings. When in a relationship, personal interest becomes more important than collective thinking, feelings like loathing and deep-rooted hatred replace deep love and affection. In the show, destruction of a family is depicted when one is blamed for the acts of indiscretion. A sister blames her own sister for many mistakes, just for the sake of her selfishness.

The show highlights the intensity of pain because of being falsely accused that too when the one blaming is your own blood and flesh. It showcases the sweetness of love but also the bitterness of relationships among two sisters, Maha and Maheen. Maha becomes obsessed, losing her sanity, when Mohid chooses Maheen over her which also results in the shattering of the sister’s bond. Maha can do anything to get what she wants, and because of this, she starts plotting against her own sister. She is indirectly or directly always responsible for all wrong happenings in her family member’s lives. This role of Maha is the best one by Mawra, till date. She has done superb acting, and her performance is totally worth-watching. She has done a lot hard-work which is clearly visible in the show.

The show starts with Mohid giving gifts to Maheen which makes Maha jealous and she says to Maheen that he is her best-friend so why she was givinggifts to her which Maheen says that because he is her cousin too. Maheen is shown to be a very decent and mature girl. A proposal comes for Maheen from Faisal’s family, but their aunt wants Maheen’s to marry Saad, her son, as she is very impressed by Maheen’s behavior. Mohid is very angry when he comes to know about all this and confesses his feelings to Maha which he actually has for Maheen. Maha is unhappy as Mohid doesn’t come to university but becomes angry after learning that he was at a restaurant with Maheen.

She shouts at Maheen for this. Maha’s nature is shown totally opposite to Maheen. Whenever they get some gifts, Maha takes Maheen’s gifts also. Maheen and her mother see Maha shopping with Mohid, but Maheen stops her mother from saying anything as her mother becomes angry. Maha insults Maheen, when she thinks to gift Mohid, about her choice. Mohid waits for Maheen’s wish on his birthday and later asks Maha about it, who uses this opportunity to create misunderstandings between them. Saad loves Maha but she is not ready to marry him and goes to Mohid asking him to stop this marriage, but he is not interested. Mohid tells everything to Maheen, when she asks him about his true feelings.

Mohid becomes worried because of Maha’s lie about Maheen and Saad, as he loves Saad, his brother. Maheen is disturbed due to Maha’s decision and finally, gets engaged to Saad just for the sake of her family. Maha’s behavior starts becoming a problem, not only for Maheen but for Saad and Mohid also. Maha is worried as she is engaged to Mohid, but he seems unhappy. Maha tries to create problems for Maheen and Saad. Finally, Saad and Maheen get married but they both are unhappy as Maheen loves Mohid and Saad loves Maha. Maha shouts on Mohid that too in front of her in-laws, as she is disturbed due to Mohid’s behavior but this hurts Mohid. Maheen calls her father after knowing about her mother’s condition. Saad’s mother is very impressed by Maheen’s behavior and nature.

On the other hand, Maha continues to misbehave, even with her in-laws. Maheen sits with Mohid just to solve the problem, but Maha doesn’t take it nicely and starts planning against Maheen and Saad. Maha’s plan works out and Saad shouts on Maheen, which results in her losing herself, and she falls on the ground due to depression, but later it is shown that she is actually pregnant. Saad learns from Maheen’s father about her nature, when he goes to their house. Mohid, after learning about Maheen’s disturbance, shouts on Maha for her dirty tricks and tells her that he wants to leave her. Maheen is worried for her mother as she has a severe temperature.

Maha again tries to brainwash Saad, but this time he doesn’t believe her. Finally, Mohid’s family becomes aware of Maha’s true intentions and her nature. Mohid wants to break-up with her, so she leaves his house. Saad is now aware of Maheen, but she is still disturbed because of his misbehaviour, so he apologizes to her and promises her an amazing and happy life. He also tells her about Maha, but she is still under depression and is worried. Mohid eventually starts spending most of his time with Esha, his friend.

Maha tells Maheen about Mohid’s behavior and that she still is his wife. Saad falls in love with Maheen because of her good nature. Later, Mohid marries Esha, his cousin and friend, which was shocking for both the families. Maheen gives birth to a baby which makes the whole family happy especially Saad, who loves Maheen and his baby deeply. Later, Esha becomes pregnant which makes Mohid very happy but Maha is still the same.

As she has already done so many things against her sister, she starts doing the same for Esha, and she is successful in disturbing Esha and Mohid’s life as Esha loses her baby due to the problems created by Maha. Eventually Mohid divorces Maha. Mere Harjai is an amazing show, which amazingly depicts domestic politics. It has successfully managed to portray the emotions and feelings of a girl who is betrayed by her own sister, and her sister is only the reason of her distress and dejection. The trauma and pain which she feels is worth-watching in the show.