Hindi Tv Serial Mera Gaon Mera Desh

India is an agricultural country.The economy of India depends on the agrarian produce to a large extent. About 70 % of our population still depends upon agriculture for their livelihood. India exports food grains and consumer goods to various countries.One-third of our national revenue gets generated through agriculture. To acknowledge the contribution of farmers who work endlessly to grow food grains, Doordarshan has launched a 24-hour channel known as DD Kisan in May 2015.The channel telecasts programs dedicated to farming and other areas related to the same.

The channel started telecasting a program “Mera Gaon Mera Desh “every Sunday at 2:30 P.M. from 30th August 2015 to throw light on the agriculture sector. The series was produced by Mr. Nikhil Kapur and directed by Mrs. Seema Kapur.The title song of the program sung by famous singer Mr. Anoop Jalota,immediately grabs the attention of the viewers.The show depicted various stories which showed the problems faced by farmers and how they could resolve them by taking effective measures.

The show got very popular as it featured people who were an inspiration and went out of their way to safeguard the forests. There were few episodes which starred famous Film and TV characters like Sarika, Om Puri, Ila Arun,Saleem Raj and other actors. One of the episodes showed how a single man residing in a small village in Chitrakoot undertook the task of protecting almost 40,000 plants alone.

Well, Bhaiyaram Yadav took a pledge in 2008 to safeguard the plants from animals,which were planted by the Forest Department.The hard work and toil put in by him have converted the region into a lush green forest.According to reports, his love for plants made him travel a distance of 1.5 km every day to fetch water from a nearby source to water the plants which have finally become trees now.With no financial assistance from Government or people of his village, the entire credit to transform a land of 50 hectares into a productive forest goes to him.

Another episode showed how Mr. Ram Sharan Verma of U.P,who was once a farmer dealing in grains, started growing bananas and got recognition as ‘Banana King.’ He began his journey by growing bananas and taught other farmers the technique to use their fields to do the same. To catch all the news of the TV series,just log on to https://www.facebook.com/DDKisan Channel. For latest episodes, subscribe to channel DD Kisan on Youtube.