Hindi Tv Serial Matti Ki Banno

Maati Ki Banno Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Matti Ki Banno is a now-off air Indian television serial, which centers on the struggles of an orphaned girl Avanti.The story starts with Avanti telling the viewers about her former life in Muzaffarpur and how being orphaned left her to life-long struggle and destitution. However, things turn around when Arjun falls in love with Avanti. They get married in Mauritius with the dreams of living happily ever after. However, things turn for worse when it is revealed that Arjun is not who he appears to be.

Avanti begins to realize that Arjun is hiding terrible secrets about himself and his past life. When Avanti demands answers, Arjun reveals that his real is Vikram and he hails from a powerful, rich political clan in Bihar who are uncivilized and ruthless. Avanti, instead of being content on the truth sets out on a mission to reconcile Arjun with his family.

Naive and simple in her ways, little does Avanti suspect that she is being lied to by her husband. Once she gets to Bihar, she slowly realizes that it is not going to be as easy as she had thought. Arjun or Vikram slowly begins to change into an unruly, distant person who no longer loves his wife. The series is about Avanti's struggle to transform the corrupt family and winning back her husband's love.