Hindi Tv Serial Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak?

Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Maryada: Lekin Kab Tak? is a television drama that ran on Star Plus, premiering on 18th October 2010. The movie is the ground-breaking television series as it featured the first ever gay storyline on Indian television. The show is centered on Uttara, a beautiful woman married to Rishabh with whom she has a daughter who is a teenager now. To prevent getting affected from a violent environment at home, Uttara sends her daughter to stay at hostel. Things turn worse as Uttara is pimped by her own husband. Uttara gives in to her husband's atrocities at first but later kills him. Uttara's sister Devyani and her family help her get out of the trauma as well as the criminal charges. Brahmanand Jakhar, Devyani's husband, is a deputy inspector of police. Brahma and Uttara start an affair. However, Brahma is charged with criminal charges in the court and Uttara decides to leave him.

Devyani, along with her children forgive Uttara for her mistake and she decides to live with them. The plot gets another twist as Uttara is pregnant with Brahma's child. Brahma gets out of jail and eventually commits suicide after his new plan is foiled. At the end, Uttara decides to give birth to Brahma's child and names him Shravan. Aditya, Devyani's son becomes a leader of a successful political party and gets married to a girl named Priya. Shravan is accepted as a member of the family by everyone and gains the status of heir to Brahma's fortune.