Hindi Tv Serial Manshaa

Manshaa Hindi Tv serials on Zee tv

Manshaa is famous Hindi TV series broadcasted on Zee TV channel in 2004. The series have shown over 143 episodes. The daily soap was about to end, but according to Apurva Purohit, President of Zee TV, the show gained positive response from the viewers.

This television series was directed by Anurag Vaishnav and included some of the well-known faces in the Indian television community as its main characters, such as Ram Kapoor and Manav Gohil. The main character of the lead character, "Manshaa" was played by Gulrez Khan and she is quite a good actress. Ram Kapoor played the role of Vinay, Manshaa’s husband and Manav Gohil played the role of Rohit. Manshaa was broadcasted at 8.30 P.M. which originally began as part of the Chausath Panne slot, and turned into a daily soap.

The title of the show signifies the story about the life of a shy and caring girl named Manshaa. She was passionate about helping and always thinks of something good about other people. She goes through a lot of difficult times, but Manshaa manages herself very well. She also copes the pain of losing her husband, Vinay. The story spreads a very good concept effectively that although it may look difficult, it is not really impossible to bring back and maintain the traditional aspects of a unified family.