Hindi Tv Serial Majooba Ka Ajooba

Majooba Ka Ajooba Hindi Tv serials on Hungama

Majooba ka Ajooba was a fiction, fantasy children's show that was aired on the Hungama Channel in the evening slot. The serials episodes were telecasted for nearly an hour. The show was directed by ‘RamnishPuri’ and produced by ‘Aditya Narain Singh’ and 'Producer Abhimanyu Singh'.The Majooba ka Ajoobatitle song and music of the show was composed by ' Pritam Chakraborty'. 

The plot of the t.v serial Majooba ka Ajooba revolved around five characters named Sheesha, Aaryan, Rohan, Bobby and the youngest among them Meghna. Aaryan was Sheesha's brother, and Meghana was Rohan's younger sister. Bobby was their friend. The story goes as these kids would assemble at Aaryan's place in the night to meet his grandma, who used to narrate fun stories to them. However, the grandma had a bad habit of drifting off to sleep in the middle of the narration. This habit of her's used to upset the kids.

One fine day, these kids by chance discovered a beautiful forest behind a waterfall. On walking further into the forest, they met with a speaking tree named Majooba, which was guarded by a leprechaun. The kids introduced themselves to the tree and the leprechaun and befriended them. To their utter surprise, the tree could talk. They also found out that there is a door in the tree behind which resides a different world. This world is the world of stories.

From fantasy to fiction, all stories could be entered into and, experienced physically. They discovered that they could enter into whichever story they wish and help the protagonist of the story in triumphing. The leprechaun would bring a huge key which they used to open the door of the tree. Then they would all recite a magical spell, and then the door would open into their desired story. However, they must return before the sun rises in the normal world or else they will be trapped forever into the story-world.

Thus, every night the children use to come discreetly to the tree and embark on their little adventure. In the stories, the children fought evil creatures and people using their wit and presence of mind. Most of the times, the kids returned on time. However, in one of the episodes, they were trapped in the story and had to be rescued by the leprechaun who himself entered the story. The show enjoyed huge popularity among the kids due to its unique and innovative concept. 

The details of Majooba ka Ajooba cast and crew can be found on the sidebar, one of the star cast being AyeshaKaduskar who is recently seen on Sony Channels ‘Yeh Unn Dino Ki Baat Hai’. All the episodes of Majooba ka Ajooba are available on YouTube, but among them, all, Majooba ka Ajooba episode 1- Ajooba and the Curse of the BlackWitch, Majooba ka Ajooba episode 4 and Majooba ka Ajooba episode 5 are the most sought after. The last episode was aired in 2012 marking the end of the show.