Hindi Tv Serial Main Office Tere Aangan Ki

Main Office Tere Aangan Ki Hindi Tv serials on Sahara one

Main Office Tere Aangan Ki belongs to sitcom genre wherein the viewers will be able to enjoy the humorous aspect of personal and professional life of any person. The humorous story was broadcasted in Sahara One. The serial is a creation of Hats Off Production, which has already made sitcoms in past.

Main Office Tere Aangan Ki is a story about an advertising agency known as Rachna Advertising Agency, which is owned and operated by Darshan Mehta. Darshan Mehta has a joint family wherein he has younger sister Ritu, father, Bhuaji and his wife Rachna. Due to lot of overhead expenses Darshan brings his office in home for certain duration of time. The family members and workers are not happy with the decision however, they run the show. The workers face a lot of problem while carrying on their work as the family members keep roaming in office time, kitchen appliances keep bursting in between presentations and the neighbor keep disturbing the office schedule. Family members also get disturbed because they have lost their privacy. In middle of all such problems, Rachna also keeps giving pain to Darshan related to his secretary. She does not allow any female character near Darshan, which indirectly affects his work. The situation was however used aptly by Bhuaji, who also operated telephone booth. She always tried that office members use her booth and she could earn out of the situation.

Darshan’s work depended mainly on two clients, Rosie Cola and Bugle Bags. Darshan took care of the two clients at any cost. He used to meet the justified and unjustified demands of the delegates from the tow clients. It is not that Darshan is operating alone, he also has to face some competition, that too from his ex-colleague itself. Lucky, tries to create a lot of financial problem in the life of Darshan, right from wooing Darshan’s clients to using Darshan’s family members in his own advantage. When these entire scenes are presented in a comic form, it produces a lot of situational humor for sure.

Anang Desai As Darshan

Anang Desai has played a lot of various genre roles in television serials and has done numerous movies in his career, where the count is said to be 80. His first break was in the year 1982 with a movie named Gandhi. He has done an international movie that was telecasted in French. With Hats Off production he has done some great sitcoms, for which Anang got a lot of appreciation.