Hindi Tv Serial MahiSagar

MahiSagar Hindi Tv serials on Big magic
BIG Magic TV channel started to broadcast on 7th October 2013 the new Indian drama television series Mahisagar. From Hats Off Productions, Mahisagar is produced by J.D. Majethia and with only one season the show continues to be broadcasted on the present. In lead roles and the main stars are Sandit Tiwari and Sharti Bhatt. The main action is presented in a small town on Gujarati and around it, where girl decided to follow her heart and all the time being ruled by her emotions. During the action develops, she falls in love with a boy named Sagar and they get married. The story of the show starts to take a light-hearted into her life and her political career that runs around her mother in law. When these two different life’s starts to meet it becomes a war between the heart of a married woman and the brain of a political woman. These two different actions give to show a light hearted drama and make it a leader of audience for BIG Magic TV when the TV series is broadcasted in all India.