Hindi Tv Serial Mahima Shani Dev Ki

Mahima Shani Dev Ki Hindi Tv serials on Imagine tv
Started on 26th July 2008 on NDTV Image, Mahima Shani Dev Ki became really fast successfully TV series show. Produced and created by the Sagar Arts Studio this TV series aims to bring the light of the great Lord Shani. The star Daya Shankar Pandey plays the role of the God Lord Shani and is fully surrounded by the myths and the power effects of his planet. The show Mahima Shani Dev Ki involves into show old myths from ancient India, astrological charts and some elements like an arrow, a sword, two daggers, a vulture and a raven. The main story starts with the baby Lord Shani when he shows his power for the first time when he opened the eyes for the first time at birth and the sun went in to a full eclipse.

The purpose of this show is to bring the knowledge for the people about the Hindu mythology and some history lesson where the God himself has been incarnated and it is responsible for the entire existence of the Universe. It was voted being the best TV show that combines the mythology and astrology and makes it in a way an educational show.