Hindi Tv Serial Mahavir Hanuman

Mahavir Hanuman Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv
On 27th July 2009 Colors TV channel started to broadcast Mahavir Hanuman and it is produced by Sagar Arts. The series is a Religious Drama and it presents the life of Lord Hanuman. Sagar Arts captivated the audience because most of the people said that is not just another movie about Mahavir Hanuman and the studio pretends that they will show something else, they will come with new effects and presents another perspective in series.

With a cast well chosen like Gagan Malik, Neha Sargam, Pallavi Sapra, Manav Sohal, Neil Bhatt, Rishabh Shukla, Neelima Parandekar, Sunita Rajwar and many other they achieved the purpose for not being just another series about Mahavir Hanuman.

The life of Monkey God of Hindu religion and mythology tries to push and convince you to toward the life of Mahavir Hanuman that never died. The believes for this God challenges you to a new concept and is not about the worship for a God, it represents the devotion and physical strength who is also known as Sankat Mochan. The producers and the Sagar Arts Studios were proposed to Best Drama Series and Best Production and all the critics recommend this series because it can also be and educational serial.