Hindi Tv Serial Maharakshak Devi

Maharakshak Devi Hindi tv-serials on ZEE TV

This show is 2015, Hindi action, thriller, fantasy series produced by Essel Vision Production. Starring Umang Jain as the protagonist Devi or Durga in the lead the show premiered on channel Zee Tv on 14th March 2015. Directed by Vaibhav Mutha, the story revolves around Devi (Gauri), a young girl with extraordinary power, destined to save the world from the asuras- an evil and foul creatures who have been in existence for a long time in different forms and who has been away from human civilization for most part of her life. Her journey begins from here as she battles the evils as well as gets accustomed to human life. In the first episode, we are introduced to a man named Brihaspathi (played by Rohit Bakshi) who finds a baby girl floating in the river. The baby shower is floating exactly with the direction of the river.

Brihaspathi saves her and also makes a claim that the baby girl will grow up and go onto become the protector of the world. He begins training her hard not telling her who her enemy would be. After 17 years of training and hard work, Devi herself asks Brihaspathi the identity of her enemies. It is at that moment that he reveals to Devi that she has to fight the evil asuras and protect the world. She is also told to go and leave in the human world as a disguise to protect it. When quizzed about her character Umang Jain said that the character that she plays is opposite to her real life personality. While she is chirpy and bubbly in real life, her on-screen character is very serious. She also underwent physical training in real life to transform into her character Devi. She also said that the show has a very nice social message.

The show also features Indraneil Sengupta, who has been away from the arch lights for a while now, in a never before seen negative character of Shukracharya. He reasons that he took up the part because these days there is a lot of scope for negative characters. This show is the second installment in the superhero trilogy of Maharakshak, the first being Maharakshak- Aryan. Owing to poor TRPs the show was wrapped up within 26 episodes, airing its last episode on 7 June 2015. The show was telecasted on the channel on weekends, from Saturday-Sunday at 7:00 pm.