Hindi Tv Serial Mahadev Ke Maha Avtar

Mahadev Ke Maha Avtar Hindi TV SERIALS on Star Utsav

Mahadev Ke Maha Avtar, which solely means various forms of Lord Shiva, is a part of Star Utsav's highly successful show Devon Ke Dev Mahadev. It is a mythological story that chronicles the life of the great Hindu god Shiva. Subrat Sinha, Dr. Bodhisattva, C.L. Saini, Utkarsh Naithani, Brij Mohan Pandey, Manoj Tripathi, Koel Chaudhary, Bhavna Vyas, and Mihir Bhuta are the writers. Govind Agrawal, Ismail Umarr Khan, Satish Bhargav, Nikhil Sinha, and Manish Singh are the directors. Hiten Ganatra, Aniruddh Pathak, Prangshu P Ghosh, Nitin Shukla, and Animesh Verma are the creative directors.

Nikhil Sinha from the Triangle Film Company is the co-producer, and Anirudh Pathak is the creative producer. Amit Malvia and Deepak Gary are the cinematographers. Ritoo Jenjani is responsible for transforming the artists into their respective mythological characters. Karthik, Inder Bawra, Sandeep Mukherjee, and Sunny Bawra are the music composers. Devon Ka Dev Mahadev enjoyed immense popularity, and it ran for an astounding eight hundred and twenty episodes.

Mohit Raina who plays the titular character and Sonarika Bhadoria, Pooja Bose, Suhasi Goradia Dhami, and Mouni Roy, who played various Indian goddess, became household names. The show garnered a lot of TRPs, especially whenever it aired the story of the myriad avatars that the gods and goddesses had to take to restore peace and to destroy the evils. As a result, the makers decided to re-release three episodes from the original serial. The first episode is the part wherein Sari's father insults her and Mahadev out of spite as he doesn't approve of Shiva and Sari's match.

As a result, she takes an extreme step as she feels bad because of her husband's insult. The second chapter told the tale of how goddess Parvati becomes Mahakali to teach a demon, who is notorious for harassing girls and has powers that no man can conquer, a lesson and how in her anger she destroys everything until something happens that makes her stop. The plot reveals what happened. It is also the most watched episode of the original series. The third and the last one told the narrative of Shiva's ardent devotee Banasura. He impresses Lord with his devotion.

Mahadev blesses him with two bonanza. He uses these blessings to destruction as he thinks no one can defeat him. God Krishna then decided to intervene and kill him. What happens further and Krishna defeats him in spite of his boons, forms the crux of the storyline. It is also available on Hotstar application for viewing.