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Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junnon is an Indian comedy, drama and romance TV series under the direction of Ravindra Gautam. The show was premiered on May 28, 2012 and lasted until August 9, 2014 under the production of Abhinav Shukla. It is a very popular television show and due to its huge popularity and demand, it was dubbed and aired on many other regional channels. It was dubbed in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Kurdish language. It is also aired in Pakistan on Urdu1 channel and successfully completed a total of 648 episodes.

The serial was awarded with People’s Choice Awards India for Favorite New TV Drama in 2012. Vivian Dsena who is the lead character was also awarded with Gr8! Performer of the Year in the Indian Television Awards in 2012. In 2013, Vivian Dsena and Drashti Dhami received the Best Jodi Awards, Pallavi Purohit got the Actress in a Supporting Role Award and Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junnon serial also got the Show Packaging (Fiction) Award in the Indian Telly Awards. Vivian Dsena once again received the Best Actor award in the Zee Gold Awards in the same year.

Madhubala – Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is the story about a girl who was born in the film industry and while she works as a beautician, she fell in love with RK or Rishab Kundra, the Bollywood Superstar. Madhubala has no plans to join this world of films. But circumstances brought her to marry RK. However, RK was only playing with her and just want to take a revenge for the slap she gave him. But later on, RK started loving her and try hard to make her come back to his life again. Madhubala got convinced and they lead a happy life together. There have been many ups and downs in their relationship but their love became stronger and stronger.

The time comes when Madhubala has to sign a film with RK. Since nobody is working with RK, he decided to produce a film of his own. When the film releases, everyone was amazed on Madhubala’s brilliant acting and everyone is now a fan of Madhubala, which RK was not happy about. Everything was settled between them when Madhubala says no to acting. Later, the whole family was shown dead due to a bomb blast that took place in their house. Only RK’s mother and their daughter were alive. They both went far away from Mumbai to live a happy and peaceful life.

The serial took a leap of 20 years and daughter of RK and Madhubala, whom her grandmother called her as Madhu have now grown up. She looks exactly the same and always compared to her mother. Madhu was brought up by her grandmother who always protects her from the media world. But no one can run from her destiny. Madhu got a job in Mumbai as a secretary of the famous and popular, Abhay Kapoor who was the biggest rival of her father and responsible for their death. Madhu fell in love with Abhay Kapoor, but when he gets to know that she was RK’s daughter, he asks Madhu to marry him with an intention of destroying her. On her wedding day, she unknowingly marries Raja Kushwaha. The revenge of a daughter is now the talking point of the serial and the scale of the show promises us the best climax.

The main casts of the show are Drashti Dhami as Madhubala Kundra and Vivian Dsena as Raja Kushwaha along with many other great actors and actresses.

Another version of this story...

Madhubala- Ek Ishq Ek Junoon is India’s one the greatest TV serial that almost challenges lots of main stream movies. Madhubala the main character of the serial born on movie set but in her childhood she didn’t have any interest in acting. As the time went she joins the makeup team in the film industry. Drashti Dhami as Madhubala is a decent innocent girl with small dreams and dedicated to her goals pretty well. Suddenly one day her life has changed when the superstar Rishab Kundra globally known as RK came into her life. In the first meeting they didn’t know that it transforms their lives forever.

Rishab Kundra and Madhubala falls in love and then how a simple girl has ruled the Nation with her spark and outstanding acting is the master-stroke of the story. Vivian Dsena was very impactful as a choosy and arrogant film maker Rishab Kundra. Rishab Kundra who made Madhubala a star then bit jealous of her success and told her to stop working in movies. Madhubala had commitments so when she ignore him Rishab Kundra start hating her but the true love of Madhubala realize him the value of love. As we all know that success came with lots of enemies.

Rishab Kundra and Madhubala have faced lots of weird situation in their lives. At the end both of them died in bomb blast and then serial took a leap of 20 years and daughter of RK and Madhubala is now grew up. She is carbon copy of Madhubala and always compared with her mother. Now it’s her turn to work in the movie industry and she assists the same person who was responsible for her parent’s death. The revenge of a daughter is now the talking point of the serial and the scale of the show promises us the best climax.