Hindi Tv Serial Mad In India

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A day without laughter is a day wasted…Laughter is the best medicine…Laughter keeps your BP in control. These sayings are very popular about laughter & to bring in laughter to you we have this show “Mad In India”. The chat show is among the most popular comedy chat shows that ran on Indian TV till date. The characters of this show are so funny that you will often laugh looking at the expressions they give & the funny faces they make. They are hilarious, they are irresistible & their jokes & one-liners will surely cause pain in your stomach. Mad in India is all in all a new experience for the Indian viewers. Main characters including Chutki, Katrina Mishra & the host himself are a delight to watch. This show has truly changed the dimensions of comedy.

They are Dessi, they are outspoken, they are unlimited, they are unbounded & more importantly they don’t appear as if they are following a script. They are criminals because they are an unstoppable laugh riot. We advise you to complete any incomplete task before watching this show because for the next one hour you will not be able to come off your seat. This show is not limited to those old fashioned orthodox jokes. The characters are ‘Besharam’. They bring that natural humour which is the lifeline of this show. Stars attract everyone but this show has attracted the stars. Celebrities like Mika Singh, 'Govinda', Karisma Kapoor, Harbhajan Singh, Shilpa Shetty & many more attended this show as guests. And don’t guess the fun they had on this show.

They were spotted claiming that they had a fun of a lifetime on this show & their episodes have fascinated the viewers sitting back in their homes. Again saying, if you are bored…if your family is bored of those daily soaps….if you end up watching that old movie that you have watched many times, then this is the show you need. Doctors say, ‘An apple a day keeps a doctor away’, but we say, ‘one hour of laughter a day keeps sadness always away’. BE MAD…It's awesome!!!