Hindi Tv Serial Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg

Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg Hindi Tv serials on Colors tv

Maat Pitaah Ke Charnon Mein Swarg was an Indian TV series that was all about love, emotions and the admiration of the children towards their parents. The show had started on June 29th, 2009 ran until June 4th, 2010 on the Colors channel, under the production of Rajan Shahi Rajan Shahi is a well-known director and producer >> Read More... Rajan Shahi . The story was about Shubh (played by Pracheen Chauhan Pracheen Chauhan is a TV actor, who made his first >> Read More... Pracheen Chauhan ), who dealt with the trials and struggles of life while he was still trying to follow and serve his parents. He was the only son of Kamla ( Pooja Madaan After a break of four years, Pooja Madaan has made >> Read More... Pooja Madaan ) and Satyanarayan ( Yatin Karyekar Yatin Karyekar is a well-known bollywood actor who >> Read More... Yatin Karyekar ) Tripathi. Shubh was handicapped, but was also an intelligent and loving boy who needed an operation for his legs. His mother died during a stampede while attempting to obtain some money for Shubh’s operation.

His father then remarried Yashoda ( Jyoti Gauba Jyoti Gauba is an actress, well known for her role >> Read More... Jyoti Gauba ), who was very affectionate to Shubh. When Satnarayan had finally raised some money for his son’s operation, the doctor told them that it was too late to do the operation. Shubh was raised into a sensible mature man. He adored his younger brothers, Arjun ( Nikhil Chaddha Nikhil Chaddha is a well known Indian television a >> Read More... Nikhil Chaddha ) and Ansh ( Dheeraj Dhoopar Dheeraj Dhoopar is a model and Indian television a >> Read More... Dheeraj Dhoopar ). The twese were Yashoda and Satyanarayan’s sons. Because of Shubh’s condition, he was always felt intimidated and disappointed but he still continued to be devoted towards God and his parents. His father trusted him very much. Meanwhile, Arjun gets married to Lolita ( Shamin Mannan Shamin Mannan was born on June 11th, 1991, in Dib >> Read More... Shamin Mannan ) and Shubh was married to Suhani ( Archana Taide Archana Taide Sharma was born on November 6, 1988 >> Read More... Archana Taide / ' Megha Gupta Megha Gupta is a television actress and model bor >> Read More... Megha Gupta ').

Then, Arjun and his wife start telling bad things about Shubh to Yashoda, which leads to the shaking of Yashoda’s love for Shubh . Shubh and Suhani together face many obstacles and trials due to this, until the two decide to leave their house. The character of Suhani had vanished in between and was found with a different appearance. Arjun and Lolita started to take care of the household responsibilities. In the end, everyone gets along well , though Satyanarayan and his family suffer a few permanent losses along the way.