Hindi Tv Serial Love U Zindagi

Love U Zindagi Hindi Tv serials on Star plus
The show, is the about the romance between two individuals who are completely opposite to each other. It was premiered on 29 January 2011 in Star Plus and ended on 10 July 2011 with a happy note .It was telecasted every Saturday and Sunday at 7.30 pm. The story has a Punjabi backdrop and is based on the Hindi movie Jab we met.

Cast: Pavitra Punian,Siddharth Shukla,Aleeza Khan,Navina Bole,Pavan Malhotra,Neelu Kohli,Surendra Pal,Karaan Singh,Shivani Gossain, Sonia Kapoor,Ajay Sharma, Heli Daruwala,Abhidnya Bhave,Shraddha Musale,Shweta Gautum,,Jeetendra Trehan,Akhlaque Khan,Priyanka Khandale

Pavitra as Geet: Born and brought up in Bhatinda, she is a lively girl who believes in living life to the fullest and making the most of it. She lives in a big joint family that consists of the most loving and caring people who pamper her to no end. She loves to talk and can go on for hours without getting tired. She is also a highly persuasive girl and will not rest until she gets what she wants. She is passionate about fashion.

Siddharth Shukla as Aditya: Aditya is a broken hearted scion of an industrialist family who is escaping from life itself.

Surendra Pal as Darji: He is an authoritarian who dotes on Geet. He is a traditional person who believes that girls must be homely. He is also a proud patriarch and when he is challenged by Manju’s grandfather about the upbringing he has given to his children, allows Geet to go to Mumbai, despite his initial protests, to disprove him.

Show concept

The show, is the about the romance between two individuals who are completely opposite to each other. Geet is a lively girl from Bhatinda whose passion is fashion. She lives in a joint family and is a pampered girl. Rahul is from an industrialist family and is always negative with the outlook of life.

Geet’s father is a calm well educated person. He is seen spending a lot of time in his study reading books and listening to Ghazals. He does not differentiate between his son and daughter and wants Geet to realize her dreams. He wants Geet to lead life on her own terms something which he could not do because of Darji. He encourages his children to study. Geet has a loving relationship with her father but takes advantage of his insecurity into getting him to agree to let her go to Mumbai.

The young couple met each other on the Punjab Mail train and thus began the memorable journey of their lives from Bombay to Bhatinda to Manali

Later when she decides to get married to the person of her choice, while her father initially opposes it, he accepts him because of his love for his daughter. The show ended with a happy note where everything got straight in the family.