Hindi Tv Serial Love Ne Milla Di Jodi

Love Ne Mila Di Jodi Hindi Tv serials on Star one

Love ne milla di Jodi was a love story, which premiered on the 22nd of June, 2009 and ended its run on the 26th of February, 2010. It was produced by the Shakuntalam Telefilms and directed by Arshad Khan. It was broadcasted on the Star One channel and covered around 180 episodes. Cast: Gaurav Khanna, Karan Tacker, Dishank Arora, Chandana Sharma, Perneet Chauhan, 'Simran Kaur',Sandeep Rajora,Sandeep Rajora Gaurav Khanna as Prithvi played the Strong, silent, a short -tempered and simple hearted guy. He felt that it was a man's duty to protect the women.

He loved his brothers and his family. Karan Tacker as Sameer, played the Casanova among the three brothers. He was a happy go lucky guy. He was bright and a smart guy with lots of ideas and dreams for making it big with least amount of efforts. He too loved his brothers but always considered them to be immature. Dishank Arora as Varun Saxena played the student who was won in sports and other activities. He wanted to live up to his brothers' expectations as they had sacrificed a lot for him. he was very sure regardingthe kind of life partner he was looking for and kept ensuring that he did not fallinlove.

Chandana Sharma as Damini ,played the arrogant, strong headed girl who thought she knew it all. She worked with mother and looked down upon the poor. She loved her father and missed him. She was very protective of her mom and sisters and played the role of a man in the house. She was engaged to a rich guy who pretended to love her. Perneet Chauhan as Avni Gujral Saxena, played the role of Damini’s sister who thought she was not good looking. She looked after the home and everyone‘s food. Due to responsibilities of her family she lost the fun of her teenage years . Simran Kaur as Roshni Gujral Saxena played the role of Damini’s sister who was a spoilt brat and acted like a princess. She was a day dreamer and lived in her own world, looking up for Mr. Right .She liked to flatter the boys but got disappointed when things did not work. Sandeep Rajora as Inderplayed the role of Damini’sfinance. T

he story was about three brothers Prithvi, Sameer and Varun and the three sisters Damini, Avni and Roshni. The girls were the daughters of a rich and famous businesswoman Ila Gujral .The boys were sons of Balraj Saxena, who worked as the chief security officer for the wealthy businesswoman Ila Gujral. Damini was engaged to Inder A reporter named Chaitanya black -mailed Ila by vowing to tell the secrets of her life. One day he was found dead and Balraj was held guilty for the murder and sent to jail. The sons then went to Mumbai for bailing him out. But on the day when the bail was given, Balraj died . The brothers then held Ila responsible for their father’s death. Later they discover that f that Chaitanya and Ila were married and Inder was theculprit. Prithvi was broke Damini's engagement, by proving to her what a player her fiancé was . Damini then falls in love with Prithvi and they decide to get married .

However, Sameer marries Avni in secret and she becomes pregnant. Varun then destroys Ila financially and hurts Roshni, who loved him unconditionally. On the day of Prithvi and Damini's engagement it was revealed that Avni is pregnant. But Sameer denied that the baby was his. A heartbroken Avni then tried to commit suicide. On Prithvi's insistence Sameer takes the responsibility for Avni and her baby, but she was hurt beyond repair. Avni marries Sameer and later moves away to take her revenge on him. Avni later gives birth to a baby boy while Roshni and Varun get married. However, misery strikes them again with the entry of characters like Mausi [Mrs. Saxena's sister], Rani [who is in love with Sameer] and Munna [who sets his eyes on Roshni]. The trio creates a lot of misunderstandings between all three couples. The sisters soon reveal the ab true colors of the trio to the brothers who then realize their mistake. Mausi,RaniandMunna thengetarrestedforkillingMrs.Saxena. Two years later, Damini and Prithvi have a baby girl and all three couples lead their respective happy lives.