Hindi Tv Serial Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage written by Kamlesh Pandey is a light-hearted drama taken on a debate on what has been going on for centuries in India. Which type of marriage stands the test of time: love or arranged? The show went on air on 6 August 2012 from Monday to Thursday at 8:30 pm on Sony TV and ended on 10 January 2013.The show covered 92 episodes.

Samaira Rao as Mansi Gehlot Sisodiya is an all rounder, role model student and child at home and outside. She believes that girls are home-makers and their role in life is to get married, bear children and always keep the family together. She totally believes that when it comes to choosing a life-partner parents always know the best. And so she subscribes to arranged marriages as opposed to love marriages. According to her when a girl and a guy are seeing each other they only show their best sides and one cannot make that as the basis for a marriage.

Rishika Mihani as Shivani Prakash Sisodiya is the opposite of Mansi. She does not care about her looks and feminity.Though Shivani herself had never fallen in love, she believed in romance and love being the only reason why two people should marry. She was totally against the concept of arranged marriage.

Himmanshoo A. Malhotra as Anup Sisodiya is a loner and an introvert; he doesn’t open up easily with anyone except Netra, his cousin sister. He was sent by his mother to her maternal uncle where he got educated and finally managed to become a pilot because he loves flying, above the crowded world of his joint family where he got unfair treatment by his Badi Ma Raj Laxmi who always denied him the same advantage that she gave to her own children Bhushan, Sahil and Netra. All because his own father, Gautam was a loser and a failure. He would have left the joint family and lived away with his mother if he could, but Manjula did not want to break the family. His relationship with Mansi is uncomfortable and awkward because he had lived most of his life alone and even while working, he rarely came home and stayed in hotels more often. He has been an outsider to his joint family.

Ashish Kapoor as Saahil Sisodiya is the exact opposite of Anup. He is an extrovert and fun-loving, witty young man. He always manages to go against his family’s wishes and irritate his mother Raj Laxmi who rules her family with an iron hand but is helpless against Sahil because he is her youngest child. Sahil too is an outsider to his joint family but in a different way. He is very casual, irreverent, fun-loving and a rebel. He loves to break the family traditions and rules. He fell in love with Shivani and broke the family tradition of arranged marriages. But he won’t leave his family. He loves his family in spite of being a rebel. He loves and respects Anup but never forgets to tease him for his aloofness. Anup too treats him like a kid brother.