Hindi Tv Serial Love By Chance

Love By Chance Hindi Tv serials on Utv bindass

Inspired by actual events, Love By Chance is a romantic- drama- comedy television series aired on Bindass channel from 31st May 2014 to 31st January 2015. Produced by BOLT Media Limited and presented by Kavi Shastri, it had a total of thirty- six episodes each having forty- two minutes running time approximately. It is the dramatized version of real life couples finding love by sheer coincidence. The opening episode titled ‘Aur Phir Baji Ghanti’ telecasted on 31st May having Dhaval Thakur and Annie Gill in the leads playing the characters of Mandy and Roshni respectively.

The second episode ‘Boys Not Allowed’ came out on 7th of June which was a quirky love story based on the adventure of a boy named Dhruv (Ayush Mehra) into the girls’ hostel and his interaction with Vishy (Shivangi Joshi). The third chapter ‘Love At Dandiya Nights’ broadcast on 14th June had an NRI named Jignesh (Mohsin Khan) and Hetal (Neetha Shetty) fighting over their way to love on the night of the Dandiya dance. ‘Night at the Hospital’ on 21st June had Rahul and Dr. Nidhi confessing and proclaiming their love for one another. The fifth episode ‘What a Fauj!’ was a beautiful, affectionate tale between a lieutenant and an Army man’s daughter meeting at a road accident. The series had much eye catchy and entertaining episodes like ‘Customer Scare’, ‘Bhootiyapanti’, ‘Gyan Ki Dukan’, ‘Mere Pyaar Ki Shaadi’.

Adarsh and Suchi’s story ‘Couples Only’ established the tagline of the show ‘ Kuch Bhi Ho Sakta Hai’. ‘Seat Hai Meri Kiran’ is a tangling plot of a girl ‘Kiran’ and boy ‘Kiran’s’ fight over the ultimate seat in Bolt Institute of Engineering college. ‘Reporter No. 1’, ‘Mujhe Shaadi Se Bachao’, ‘Angry Young Man’, ‘Lo Chipak Gaya’, ‘Love Mein Bhai Ka Chance’ were some other exciting accounts of couples finding love through serendipity. Dumpy and Sasha’s story of ‘love coming knocking at their door and both letting them go for almost ten years’ and how the ups and downs of this transition period frame their life is a must watch.

Another captivating chapter ‘Dare Wala Love’ between Veer and Alisha Rai portrayed how both the partners can get past each other’s insecurities and own up to their courage to face the hurdles in life. The penultimate episode of ‘Baby steps to Love’ captured Diya (Priyanka Bhole Sidana) and Prateek’s (Abhishek Verma) love saga where the boy saves the Old Age Home by financing the required amount by Diya. The last and final part labeled ‘Desi vs. Videshi’ tells us the impromptu love that blossoms between a buyer and a seller and how they come close and fall in love.