Hindi Tv Serial Life Nahin Hai Ladoo

Life Nahin Hai Ladoo Hindi Tv serials on Star plus

Life Nahin Hai Ladoo was a Hindi drama serial that was aired on Star Plus during 2004. the serial was produced by Deeya and Tony Singh Tony Singh, a Scottish chef, from Leith based in E >> Read More... and directed by Vijay Krishna Acharya Vijay Krishna Acharya is also known as Victor Acha >> Read More... . The story is also written by Vijay Krishna Acharya. It is about a boy named Janki Prasad who is nick named Ladoo. He is the son of a Hindu family governed by his patriarch grand father. He falls in love with a girl, Diana from a christian family lorded by her grandmother.

The story leads to differences between a modern christian family and a traditional Hindu family where the elders can not tolerate each other and strictly forbid the youngsters to interact. Ladoo wants to become a writer whereas Diana wants to become Miss India Miss India was a TV serial that was aired on Doord >> Read More... and both are working to achieve their respective goals. They do not like the idea of dislike of their old grand parents and hatch a plan so that the circumstances may be changed and their love for each other may be accepted by their respective families. Their efforts in this direction leads to some very interesting and hilarious situations which make the serial a comic and enjoyable one. Social barriers are broken and obstacles are overcome with these humorous situations and ultimately the grandparents give in to the wishes of the juniors. It was the debut serial of Gaurav Gera Gaurav Gera is a very famous Bollywood actor in fi >> Read More... , who later earned fame for another famous TV serial Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin.

The serial was telecast on Star Plus TV channel in 2004.