Hindi Tv Serial Lajja


Lajja is a Sony TV entertainment serial that deals with the representation of a family that is entwined in its domestic tragedy, and portrays a battle between truth and lie. The serial is an insight into the prevailing tendency of rape as a study of the psyche that the mind of victimizer possesses. The show prevails the dispute of two sons of the same family stimulating two different attitudes towards life, which is the cause of depreciation of the entire lineage. The two brothers of the family comprise of the actors Piyush Rande and Samir Soni as the elder and the younger sons respectively. Piyush Rande is a well-known artist of Marathi serials who enacted Inspector Aakash Ketka, a CID officer; he is praised for his character. He plays the role of the elder son of the family and the husband to Manu, Girija Oak the other Marathi Actress.

He is the father of three children and loves his wife dearly. Manu is the daughter of a retired judge and acclaims sense of knowledge and is very sensitive. The family comprises of the elder generation, the parents of Piyush and Samir, and a servant girl who is brought up by the family itself. She is loved and cared especially by the grandparents. The story revolves around the incident when Samir as the younger son rapes the family maid, along with his two friends.

Manu, who is also pregnant, witnesses the whole scene and sensing the danger is unable to react to it. Soon the truth comes out, and the family of Samir tries to save him, but Manu being a revolutionary woman forces herself in the court and fights on the side of the victim. Despite her condition and loyalty to her family, she denies bearing the criminal act of his brother-in-law. Manu not only wins the case for the maid but also gets the family to pay for her loss. The tragedy arrives at the doors of grandparents as a shock, and they die of heart attack.

The happy family disperses into particles after this mishap, to which there is no remedy. Manu leaves the family for the good sake and devotes herself to help the women of society. The serial proclaims the idea of Truth being superior to all crimes. Through a woman like Manu, Lajja describes the one and only treasure of a woman, “Respect”, which s not only a priority to them but also their strength, motive and idea of being a Feminist.