Hindi Tv Serial Ladies Special

Ladies Special Hindi Tv serials on Sony entertainment

Qaeed Kuwajerwala, renowned director in Indian television, pulled our attention towards the four simple women of Mumbai. They all travel by the special local train called Ladies Special. Shubha Joshi, Nanda Shinde, Bubbly Chaddha and Pooja Singh shared their problems with each other for seeking a solution, but all of them are evenly suffered human beings. Shubha is a retired woman and she wants to spend a good time with her husband but when she realised that he has an extra-marital affair so she was totally upset with it. Nanda Shinde a housewife has two kids. Nanda’s kids believe that their mother is an old traditional woman, so they didn’t respect her as much she deserved.

Bubbly, who works in a reputed company, lives her life on EMI’s. Every time she has a problem of installments but still as her name suggests she is naughty and full of life. Pooja Singh, a newly married woman, suffers a lot; her husband abuses her. She almost lives a life of a slave to her husband; whenever she met Shubha, Nanda and Pooja they find a new mark of animalism of her husband. Ladies Special is the place where they gave moral support to each other and strength to face the ongoing problems in their personal lives. Neena Gupta, Shilpa Tulaskar, Ashita Dhawan Gulabani and Payel Sarkar all four of them were mind-blowing in their respective characters as Shubha, Nanda, Bubbly and Pooja Singh. Makers of the show focused on the common problems faced by common people and how they tackle them is the real highlight of the show.